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Purchase acting course tuition for 3-month access to course videos (from 3/20/2024 to 6/20/2024) for your entire immediate family.

Course Classes:

Class 1) Sam Sorbo - "A Homeschooler's Guide to Acting & The Arts"

Class 2) Cameron Arnett - "An Actor's Journey"

Class 3) Garry Nation - "Tips from a Self-Taught Actor" 

Class 4) Kaylee Keller - "Acting 101" 

Class 5) Rich Swingle - "Acting Techniques"  

Class 6) Tina Gallo - "Method Acting & Auditioning" 

Class Descriptions: 

"A Homeschooler's Guide to Acting & The Arts"

Sam Sorbo is an award-winning Hollywood film actress, writer, and producer. She teaches on how homeschooling can be a great way to learn about the arts, and specifically for this course… the art of acting. Why it is so important for students to have a good foundation of a Biblical worldview in the arts? How is the study of the classics helpful? Sam gives some practical suggestions to parents & students about how a homeschooler might get into the industry as an actor. She'll share how acting can be a powerful tool to communicate Truth. Finally, Sam gives a masterclass on scene breakdown, analysis, and performance technique.

Class length: 1 hour, 8 minutes. Also included: PDF script of a scene for the class study. 

"An Actor's Journey" By Cameron Arnett

Cameron Arnett is an award-winning actor in television, film, and theater. This class is taken from Cameron's course "An Actor's Journey." He played the role of "Thomas Hill" in the 2019 Kendrick Brothers movie "Overcomer." In this class he discusses the importance of having one's identity rooted in Christ... not only for acting but for all of life, because in order to live for God's glory we need to be conformed into the image of Jesus. Cameron makes important parallels between acting and living the Christian life. He emphasizes how we are called to live by God's script... The Bible. 

Class length: 48 minutes.

"Tips from a Self-Taught Actor " by Garry Nation

Garry Nation is an award-winning actor who has made an impact in a number of productions. Being called into ministry at 19, Garry had no idea how—or even if—God would use his interest in acting and the performing arts, but he continued to hone his skills and use them as he had opportunity. In this course Garry will share the key insights he has gained about the craft and profession of acting, including: What is acting? Is acting a talent or a skill? What makes acting good? How does the actor prepare? How is studying a script like studying the Bible? Is there such a thing as Christian acting? How can a Christian justify being an actor?

Class length: 55 minutes. 

"Acting 101" by Kaylee Keller

Kaylee Keller is an award-winning actress, recording artist, singer-songwriter, inspirational public speaker, and guitar instructor. In this Acting 101 class, Kaylee will walk you through the beginning stages of the acting process and film industry. She will teach you how to build your resume, navigate the casting process, better understand on-set expectations and terminology, and share her knowledge from her own personal experiences. Faith in God is key to navigating this challenging industry as we seek to glorify God in and through our work.

Class length: 54 minutes. Also included: 20 page "Acting 101" workbook by Kaylee Keller (delivered in PDF format).

"Acting Techniques" by Rich Swingle

Rich Swingle has performed and/or taught in 39 nations on six continents and in more than 45 film projects. He holds a master's degree in theatre and did his thesis on sociodrama. In this workshop Rich will teach the basics of using sociodrama as a tool for actors to explore their roles outside of the script. Sociodrama is improv with extra tools to dig into the life of your character. Then Rich will teach bibliodrama, which sprang from the field of sociodrama. Bibliodrama capitalizes on our training as actors to bring stories from Scripture to life. It’s a great way to understand Scripture at another level and even develop scripts. Rich will also touch on why it’s important for Christians to embrace the performing arts as a powerful way to disciple nations. He’ll also touch on how the fear of the Lord overcomes the fear of man, which is the source of stage fright.

Class length 1 hour, 10 minutes.

"Method Acting & Auditioning" by Tina Gallo

Tina Gallo has been in the entertainment industry for over 40 years, she is an award-winning professional actress who "fully immerses herself in the character to bring life into each of her roles." In this class she will teach students the basics of the Stanislavsky System with Method acting techniques that she has learned from the masters of the past. The goal of great acting is to get actors “to behave truthfully under imaginary circumstances”. As well as strengthening the imagination, she will teach technique from the Stanislavski System which trains students to respond quickly and fully in an effort to create reality and spontaneity in performance. Lastly she will touch on how best to audition for a role.

Class length: 52 minutes.

Member Benefit for Participating State Homeschool Organizations

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Cameron Arnett Bio

Sam Sorbo is an education freedom advocate on a mission to help parents and their children emancipate from our modern school system. An award-winning Hollywood film actress, writer, and producer, Sam stepped back from her own career to immerse herself in the home education of her three young children for over a decade. More recently, she has performed in “Just Let Go,” “Let There Be Light,” “Left Behind: Rise of the AntiChrist,” and the upcoming “Miracle in East Texas.” Sam Says she acts “to change the world for the better.” Recognizing the brokenness of our institutional system led Sam to understand there is much more to education than academics. As a prolific author, podcast and radio host, international public speaker, and mentor, Sam is dedicated to teaching families how to "educate…differently."

Cameron Arnett is an award-winning actor in television, film, and theater, hailing from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. He is also an author, speaker, film director, producer, and voice-over artist. Cameron has appeared on just about every major network. He has played various roles on TV shows, including Fox's Star Trek: The Next Generation. Today Cameron travels an average of thirty weeks a year shooting faith based and family friendly projects. He has appeared in at least 35 films in the last ten years alone. Some movies he has played roles in include "Running The Bases" (2022), Erwin Brother's "I Still Believe," (2020), Kendrick Brother's "Overcomer" (2019) He also founded Christ Over Career, a global movement calling the Church back to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Through Camy Arnett Production Studios (CAPS), he and his wife, Mrs. BJ Arnett, continue to occupy an ever growing space within the content building of faith and family friendly films.

Garry Nation is a versatile, award-winning actor known for his impactful performances on stage, film, television, and audio theater. His major film roles include a martyr (Polycarp), an old-school cop (My Grandpa Detective), a Magi (Chasing the Star), Gen. Robert E. Lee (Legends & Lies: The Civil War), a prosecutor (Man’s Best Friend), and an aerospace engineer (The Challenger Disaster). His recent work includes Running the Bases, Pursuit of Freedom, and the soon to be released Silent Night in Algona. Garry has a reputation in the industry for his professionalism, range of abilities, and the genuineness of his characterizations. Garry has also done voice acting for Lamplighter Theater. The multi-talented actor is also an ordained minister, musician, speaker, educator, and writer, and holds a Ph.D. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Kaylee Keller Bio

Kaylee Keller is an award winning actress, recording artist, singer-songwriter, and inspirational public speaker. Kaylee has been passionate about performing ever since she was a little girl. Her mom introduced her to Shirley Temple movies and Shirley became a huge inspiration for her. Because of Shirley, Kaylee started taking dance, voice, and theatre classes. Her favorite aspect of Shirley was the joy that she brought to every movie she was in, and just like her, Kaylee wanted to do the same with her performances. Though Kaylee spent her younger years performing in theatre productions, talent shows, recitals, etc., her career in the entertainment business started to take off when she was about fifteen years old. She was in a program called AMTC (Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ). At this showcase she was able to perform and sing in front of top industry professionals, which opened up a lot of opportunities for her. She was awarded a “Top 6 Actress Award,” received several acting and film college scholarships, and had music record label interest. By sixteen years old, she had graduated high school two years early, signed an artist development deal, released her first original song on the radio, started opening shows for major artists, filming, and taking her songs and messages to festivals, schools, and churches across the United States!

Rich Swingle Bio

Rich Swingle is an award-winning actor who has performed on six continents, 39 nations, and in hundreds of venues with his one-man plays and workshops. The dynamic nature of his work can fill as little as ten minutes in a larger presentation or as much as a full week of workshops. He has performed at churches, colleges, retreats, camps, prisons, a military base, theatres from Off-Broadway to The Kennedy Center, film, radio, and CD-ROM. For the Beginners Bible video series distributed by Sony Wonder, he did 20 roles including Jesus, Adam, and the Serpent. He has performed voice-overs and on-screen roles in several commercials and about 45 film projects. Among several other awards, Rich won Audience Choice: Actor of the Year at the International Christian Film & Music Festival in 2021. He has performed and/or taught workshops in about 100 schools, including about 50 colleges or universities, including Namseoul University, Korea, and Memphis University, and he co-leads a workshop annually at Princeton University. Rich also spoke at the Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action, hosted by the Harvard University chapter of Christian Union.

Tina Gallo Bio

Tina Gallo has been in the entertainment industry for over 40 years. She is an award-winning professional actress who commands attention and brings life and vitality into each of her roles. She is a method trained actress who studied with the best, Lee Strasberg, Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, and Jack Waltzer. Tina has extensive TV, Film, Commercial, and Theater credits. Her acting aspirations began at the early age of 5 while watching classic movies and musicals, dreaming of having a life of acting, dancing, and film making. As a young adult, she toured with Frank Sinatra for two and a half years selling his merchandise during his performances. While on the road with the Sinatra entourage, she was advised to go to school to learn how to hone her acting craft. She headed to New York City to follow her ambitions of becoming a stage and film actress. Her dream became a reality as she began her acting career in NYC and then went to Hollywood where she landed and is best known for her role as DiDi on the soap opera “General Hospital.” After this, she became a born-again Christian and by choice to raise her children, she took a hiatus from the business. However, seven years ago, God has been stirring in her heart a passion to return to what she believes she is created to do, and has relaunched her career. Tina teaches acting classes and is the founder of 'The Nashville Studio of Method Acting' in Nashville, TN. She also coaches on film sets and travels to other acting schools throughout the southeast region to speak and coach acting workshops.