Buckle up! Join the journey of 5 college students as they go on a road trip in a quest to find joy. Will they find true joy and lasting happiness on this roadtrip? Preaching to a growing crowd near the edge of the Grand Canyon is Mountain Man, Benjamin Breckinridge. He holds no punches when it comes to proclaiming the Truth.

A short dynamic film infusing poetic narration, dramatic acting, and stellar music. Crafted with artistry to create an engaging “digital gospel tract” that offers soul-quenching Truth to a thirsty and dying world.

(Copyright 2018, Nicol Films) Starring Kevin Swanson, Hannah Leary, Jenna Wicklund, Josh Nuckols, Christina Hastings, & Josh Wicklund. Produced & Directed by Dan Nuckols. 

"Oh Aching Soul" has been nominated a number of times including a nomination for the "Most Inspirational Film" at one of largest Christian Film Festivals in the world: the "International Christian Film Festival." The film has also received four awards: "Best Storytelling" & "Best Biblical / Christian Message" at the Content19 Film Festival, "Merit" in the Christian short film category at the "Christian Family Film Festival" and "Best Director at the "God Christian Family Film Festival." All glory be to Christ our King!

 "Oh Aching Soul" awards

Watch behind the scenes footage of the making of "Oh Aching Soul" by clicking HERE.

Watch the video below of Nicol Films Director Dan Nuckols, being interviewed on the CBS affiliate WDEF about the making of "Oh Aching Soul." 



Join Lauren Harper as she fights the fight of faith—living by God’s Word as she goes throughout her day. One will quickly find that Lauren’s world is far from perfect. After sin and brokenness threaten to ruin her faith, God’s Word is shown to be living and active and points her to the Hero of the story—Jesus Christ. Lauren finds healing at the cross and in turn becomes an instrument of healing to that which is broken. In short, this film is ultimately about the Living Word from the Father—the Lord Jesus Christ, the One whom all of God’s Word testifies to. A touching and impactful story of faith, hope and love. Sin and brokenness breaks a heart but the Gospel restores.

(Copyright 2017, Nicol Films) Starring Lindy Nelson, Rich Swingle, Jeff & Joann Hoverson. Directed by Dan Nuckols. 

Watch the Director of “Beyond the Mask” Chad Burns, speak at the premiere of “Living Word” by clicking HERE


This was the pilot episode (launched in 2016) to help get the word out about Nicol Films. We took footage shot for a music video of the Nuckols Regiment playing Isaac Watts famous hymn, “Jesus Shall Reign” to launch our videos. This is considered our pilot episode, but the first “official” Nicol Films production is “Living Word”

Footage is of Duluth MN and Lake Superior shot in 2012... Enjoy!