"More Than Conquerors" - The Movie

This powerful, Christ-exalting movie will give answers to the problems of racism and suffering. The movie's theme is on Romans 8 and will be set in Virginia Colony in 1622. Every dollar raised will increase this movie's impact and excellence.

A Letter from our Director:

Hi, I just wanted to share with you an update of a movie project I am working on.

When I first started on this movie project, I could have never foreseen a global crisis coming concerning a flu that would cause everyone in the world to think on the reality of suffering and cause widespread panic. I also could have never foreseen the riots in the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul (the state I grew up in) and around the US erupting into the destruction and war zone they are today over the topic of racism.

Yet almost two years ago God led me to have the main theme in the script of “More Than Conquerors” be on Romans 8 and suffering. And just about one year ago I was led to incorporate the theme of racism and slavery in the script and to show the evil of racism and give the Biblical answer to this problem. I couldn’t foresee the future... but God did.

Ultimately this movie will give real answers to the problems of suffering & racism and glorify Jesus.

I want to take this time to invite you to participate in the making of this film. A movie project is a large endeavor and needs the support of many different people at many different levels.

So how can you help make this powerful film that has potential to change our culture for the better?

1) Pray. If you know the Lord Jesus by faith, I invite you to intercede for our project. Prayer is one of the most the most powerful weapons we have.

2) Stay up to date. Subscribe to our email updates through the form on this website and “like” our facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/NicolFilmsforChrist

3) Help fund the movie. Click here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Because of Jesus,
Daniel Nuckols
Executive Producer & Director
Nicol Films